Wrapping up Social Media

Bare with me here, I am about to wrap up my whole social media spring semester in about 500 words. This will be difficult, because we have learned so much over this short period of time. My JRM 327: Social Media class was definitely my favorite class this semester. There was a lot of work that came with this class, but everything that we did was so interesting and fun. Throughout the semester we learned about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, policies, metrics, brands, and so much more. Way too many things to list.

My absolute favorite thing to learn about this year was personal brands. It made me think about myself and my social media in a totally different way. It made me understand how important it is to be careful what I post online. What I put online is a part of my brand and it is important to create a well rounded brand. Something I found

(Free photo from Unsplash.com)

really fun and interesting was creating certain tweets for our twitter accounts. Also, we made LinkedIn profiles. I learned that it is much more than just having a profile. You need to make sure you have a well rounded and put together profile. I had to find a professional picture, create a strong summary, and have experiences. I have been able to implement what I have learned about personal brands and used them in my own social media. Even after our in class experiment with our personal brands, I have kept up with my social media and have still been working on creating a strong brand for myself.

Something I really enjoyed about the class was that our teacher did not try and drag out lectures. I have been in classes before where we are almost done with a lecture, but since class doesn’t get out for another 20 minutes they will drag on the last few slides. I really appreciated how we learned what we needed to learn and if we ended early; then we ended early.

I do have one suggestion for future classes. The final project, creating a social media plan, is really interesting and fun. Something that I would suggest is assigning partners. Allow students to choose their partners, but the students who do not have partners should be assigned someone. The assignment is fun, but it is a lot of work, especially for only one person. This will also make sure that there is enough time for everyones final presentations.

From taking this class I have learned a lot about social media. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There was so much that I never knew about social media and it opened my eyes to new ideas and things that I can change. I will definitely continue to use what I have learned throughout this class and implement it into my own social media.



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