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In my first blog post I talked about the social media sites that I enjoyed the most and the ones that I enjoyed the least. I mentioned that Instagram was my favorite social media site to use. Instagram is a place where people can post photos and videos with unique captions to share with their followers. It is my favorite social media site because it is filled with pictures and videos and I love looking at pictures. It is a great way to keep your followers up to date as well as share interesting photos that you have taken.

After reading, “17 of the Best Brands on Instagram Right Now“, I decided on one brand that I thought was promoting themselves the best on Instagram. I had never heard of this brand before; it is called WeWork. WeWork is a company that provides office spaces around the world. To help their customers to see what these office spaces look like, the brand does a great job of posting photos of the different spaces and looks. They also use their own hashtag; #WWCamp, as well as a slogan; “Do what you love”. Hashtags are always a good idea because it is an easy way for people to find a brands page. I also think that their slogan is an easy way for their followers to feel connected and interact with the brand.

The second site that I looked at was, “6 Nonprofits On Instagram Who Are Getting It Right“. After looking at the six nonprofits, I decided, To Write Love On Her Arms was my favorite. This nonprofit helps people struggling with depression, self harm, and addiction. I think they are so successful because they are not only using hashtags but they are creating hashtag movements. These movements are meant to stir up conversation between people and get them talking. I think this is a really good idea, because it doesn’t only get people talking about the hashtag, it gets them talking about the brand as well. I think that it is wise of them to not only post photos but also videos.

I learned a lot of tips and tricks for my Instagram after analyzing these two brands. The first thing that I learned was that hashtags are a great way for people to notice your brand. It is a way to bring people to your picture or page. Another thing I learned was to not only post photos. Videos are a great way to share my content and mix it up so it is not always photos on my page. I think it is also important to notice that the captions on their pictures were written professionally and appropriately.

Social media is a great place to build one’s brand, personally and professionally. After looking at these two brands I will be taking their ideas and using them on my own Instagram.